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3 Reasons Why Quizzes are Great for Content Marketing

quizDid you know that the most popular story on NYTimes.com in 2013 wasn’t actually a story? It was a quiz! The quiz “How Ya’ll, Youse and You Guys Talk” received more traffic in two weeks than any other article hosted on the site during the entire year.  This is a prime example of why quizzes can be a great addition to your content marketing arsenal. Instead of relying on Google to send traffic to your website or social media channels, you can practically create it on your own with the right types of quizzes. Here are 3 reasons why you should start incorporating quizzes into your content marketing strategy.

Quizzes are Enticing

Let’s paint a quick scenario: you’re scrolling through your chosen feed of articles or news stories, browsing through titles of content that looks interesting to read. Would you be more likely to click on a title that read “This Year’s Top 10 Travel Destinations” or “Which Vacation Destination is Perfect for You?” At their very core, quizzes tap into the natural curiosity of readers. Readers want to test their knowledge, find out more about themselves, or just simply find the answer to the question that intrigues them.

The evidence for just how enticing quizzes are? Click-through rates for Quizzes blow other content out of the water. In a recent study, Buzzsumo discovered that 82% of people who see a quiz on a Facebook news feed will click on it. This figure likely holds true with other sources like on a SERP or alternative social media platforms. In a nutshell, quizzes are a great way for your content to get noticed in a way it may not have otherwise.

Quizzes are Sharable

Data shows that the average quiz gets shared 1,900 times. Have you ever experienced metrics like that from an in-depth blog post or infographic? But 1,900 is just an ashareaverage number, and some of the best viral quizzes get millions of shares. People who take quizzes are more likely to share the results (when given the option to) than if they were to simply read an article that they thought was interesting or useful. Sharing quiz results tells a little more about the person to their social network or acts as a small badge of honor if they scored well on a trivia quiz. When created well, quizzes can give you a lot more potential for visibility through shares than any other form of content.

Quizzes Can Generate Leads

If your goal for distributing a quiz is more than just to get exposure to your website and brand, but also get leads for new customers, then you’re in luck. Quizzes are a fantastic, more indirect way to get leads and convert visitors into customers, followers, or email subscribers. Certain quizzes can be set up to require visitors to enter in their email address to view their results. In other instances, you can offer an incentive to take the quiz like an automatic entry into a contest or an emailed discount code, which also creates another way for you to gather leads.

It’s important to remember that not every quiz created automatically creates these types of benefits. There is definitely thought and strategy that needs to be put into creating quizzes to make sure they appeal to your audience and ask the right type of questions to keep them engaged. In a future post, we’ll go over some of the basic elements that make quizzes successful. In the meantime, if you have questions or need assistance with creating a great quiz as part of your content marketing campaign, contact Multifuse! We specialize in the creation and promotion of quizzes to get your brand noticed.

Kevin Phelps
[email protected]

Kevin is the founder of Multifuse and has been in the digital marketing space since 2007. He's worked for a few different agencies but eventually fell into entrepreneurship where he founded GuestBlogPoster, combined forces with Big Leap, sold GuestBlogPoster and now is leading Multifuse to become the go-to agency resource for white-label marketing and publisher outreach services.

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