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2016 And Your Online Marketing Strategy

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Throughout the years we’ve seen a lot of changes in the online marketing realm. Year by year, we adapt to new guidelines, theories, and strategies as they emerge—some subtle, and some more drastic. When comparing one year to the next, the changes in search may not seem monumental, but when compared over several years, it can seem like an entirely new industry.

With all the changes this industry sees, whether big or small, one thing is for certain. If you don’t keep up with them as they emerge, you’re sure to get left behind your competition when you reach the harsh realization that you’re suddenly years behind the industry standard. So what better way to start the year than by making sure your online marketing strategy is as updated and “with the times” as possible?

We’ve compiled a short list of what we think are some of the most important elements to incorporate into your new 2016 online marketing goals. Let’s get started:

It’s Not Just About SEO Anymore

Anyone who is involved in the online marketing industry has probably heard the skepticism in recent months about how SEO is “dead.” Well, that’s not entirely true. Search engine optimization on its own as sole strategy is no longer relevant, yes. But today, SEO when combined with content marketing is just as alive as ever. The key is integrating the two to create a synergistic effect with your online marketing. If in the past you’ve only focused on SEO and haven’t moved your efforts toward content marketing yet, there’s no time like the present to do so. In the coming year(s) we’ll see an even greater need to integrate the technical aspect of SEO with the broader, more holistic aspect of content marketing.

Link Building is Now Link Earning

This part shouldn’t be news to you. It’s pretty evident to most people in the industry what they should be doing with their link strategies, but not everyone is actually putting those “shoulds” into action. 2016 needs to be the year that you stop trying to build links and you start focusing on earning them. This plays into the importance of content marketing that we just covered. Content—and not just any content—will be the key to helping you continue to build authority for your site in place of outdated, spammy link building tactics. This content needs to be original, thorough, engaging, well-researched, and well-written. If it’s simple to create and simple to distribute, you’re probably still falling into the link building trap. Worthwhile content takes a lot of effort, and it’s not always easy to create, but the benefits are much more lasting and worthwhile to your overall strategy.

Make the Move to HTTPS ASAP

Just a few months ago, Google announced that it will start prioritizing HTTPS URLS over their unsecure HTTP counterparts. This came after they also started giving HTTPS pages a bump in rankings. While it’s been said that pages without an HTTPS alternative won’t be negatively affected in search results, many experts think that it may be Google’s next step in making their user’s web experience more secure. Since this is a relatively simple fix, there’s really no reason why your site shouldn’t be proactive in incorporating this security feature now, rather than waiting and realizing later that you should have taken action before it affected your traffic.

Mobile is No Longer Just an Option

mobileWell, ok, you still have the choice to adopt a mobile website. But if you’re going to keep up with the competition, that choice is no longer optional. It’s a necessity! Earlier in 2015 many websites that didn’t have a mobile version lost a lot of traffic with the “Mobilegeddon” update, and in 2016, we’re sure that this feature will become even more of a priority for Google who places a high value on their users’ experience. If you haven’t done so already, 2016 needs to be the year that you (finally) take the plunge to a mobile-friendly website.

This isn’t an end-all list of 2016 goals for your online marketing strategy, but this gives you a good place to start. Most importantly, remember that failing to plan is planning to fail. Every solid online marketing strategy has defined, planned out tactics, goals, and benchmarks. Start today to make your 2016 a great year for online marketing!

Kevin Phelps
[email protected]

Kevin is the founder of Multifuse and has been in the digital marketing space since 2007. He's worked for a few different agencies but eventually fell into entrepreneurship where he founded GuestBlogPoster, combined forces with Big Leap, sold GuestBlogPoster and now is leading Multifuse to become the go-to agency resource for white-label marketing and publisher outreach services.

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