Guest blogging, blogger outreach, contextual linking...

Whatever you want to call it, this is how we do it.

Whatever you want to call it, this is how we do it.

Endorsed by Industry Leaders

Legitimate guest blogging has been endorsed by industry thought leaders.  

Meaningful Quality Metrics

We review over 30 metrics to ensure the highest standards of quality with our blogger outreach products.

#1 Ranking Factor

Content and backlinks are the two key indicators for top rankings. This is our bread and butter. 

Engaging, Relevant Content

Our content goes through a rigorous editorial process to assure value guest blog post links.

Improves keyword Rankings

Our link services are sure to provide real and meaningful results in keyword rankings and traffic increases. 

Safe, Natural Backlinks

We work within the search engine's guidelines to provide genuine, natural guest blogging backlinks. 

Exclusive Publishing Partners

Nobody has the pool of exclusive publishing partners in nearly all verticals like we do. 

Essential for SEO Campaigns

Our blogger outreach work is a vital piece of the overall SEO strategy. How much impact can you make if you're not getting relevant backlinks?

Our Elevator Pitch

We are a digital marketer's sidekick that improves keyword rankings by writing and publishing blog posts that are relevant to your company and include relevant contextual backlinks. This is accomplished by using our exclusive publishing partners that are thoroughly vetted based on over 30 industry-proven quality metrics.

Proudly Using





Quality Metrics & KPI's

Publisher Domain Metrics

About these metrics

We use a combination of best-of-breed tools coupled with our own manual curation and review to vet a potential publisher. Reviewing these metrics helps us create the necessary context to understand a publisher's true value. We are certain when we provide content to our publishers, you will have the assurance knowing they've been through a grueling process to be considered on of our publishing partners. 

The primary quality metric that we use is whichever domain score you select during purchasing. We have Domain Authority, Domain Rating, Citation Flow, Organic Traffic, and Organic Keywords as a means of measuring a domains quality. 

A website that is ranked for many keywords in an indication the search engines value the site and it's content. 

When looking at a backlink portfolio, referring domains is a good indication if a site's links are natural and not spammy. 

Backlinks are an important metric when looking at a potential publisher. Having a strong link portfolio indicates a site has gained a strong reputation over a sustained period of time. 

We constantly review a publisher's indexed pages. If a website's pages aren't getting indexed in the search engines, then this could indicate that their content isn't deemed relevant. 

We also monitor a publisher's social signals to gauge relevancy. This is another piece of data that provides context to a website's legitimacy.

We review a publishers IP address to ensure they are not part of a PBN (Private Blog Network). We make sure that our publisher's are individually owned websites that are not associated with this black hat SEO tactic. 

Not all advertising on a site is bad, but we'll manually review a website's ad content and make sure it is not overloading a user. 

Our team will manually review each publisher and assign it a aesthetic rating (i.e., how good the site looks).  

During our manual review, we determine what the site's purpose is. If we have a hard time understanding the purpose, it is a potential flag to indicate that the site was established to be part of a blog network. 

We make sure our content provided to the publisher is of the highest quality. We'll review the current content to ensure a publisher has good content that isn't spammy. 

We choose to only use publishers with the more well-known domain extensions. The majority of our sites are .com, .net and .org.

We'll review the history of a website and identify significant (and sustained) drops in traffic and keywords. This is a red flag and generally indicates a penalty. We make sure our publishers are penalty-free.

Content Quality Metrics

About these metrics

We are passionate about the quality of our posts. That's why each post goes through several editing and review iterations before it is published. We ensure each article meets or exceeds your order requirements.

We pride ourselves in providing relevant content to a publisher's audience. We'll constantly monitor and improve to be more in line with the publisher's needs. 

We'll monitor and report the blog post word count and make sure it aligns with your order details. 

We have adopted our own Justified Mention Method categorization and definitions. Here are the most effective mention methods with an example of what an Anchor Text could look like:

Branded Anchor Text

“Ahrefs is a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a huge index of backlinks, keywords and content,” according to Brian Dean from Backlinko.

Naked URL Anchor Text

“Ahrefs is a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a huge index of backlinks, keywords and content” according to the Brian Dean from Backlinko (

Generic Anchor Text 

“Ahrefs is a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a huge index of backlinks, keywords and content” according to the Brian Dean (read more at Backlinko).

We'll make adjustments to the anchor text as needed to make sure it is used naturally, using our Justified Mention Methods. 

Our content goes through several editorial revisions and we'll assure that everything we write is plagiarism-free and 100% unique. 

Our content will always have supporting links from legitimate resources on the web. 

The images we provide in our content will always support the overall theme of the article and have the necessary usage rights. 

URL Level Metrics

About these metrics

We'll continuously monitor your post's URL to ensure it is properly indexed, with supporting metrics. 

Even though we feel a link with a NoFollow status has value (see here), we will report those links that have this designation. 

We have a 100% page indexation success rate for every one of our posts in our company's history. 

Although not a vital metric, we will monitor and report the social shares of your page URL. This is good indication of readership and interest in the content we provide you. 

More often than not, our posts are getting relevant and meaningful backlinks. This is another piece of validation to the work we do.  

We'll continually monitor your posts' URL Rating (source). Increases in this metric correlates with increased relevancy for the content. 

Management Metrics

About these metrics

All of these metrics are great, but if you can't access the data, it becomes meaningless. We've built an incredible dashboard that will provide you with near-real time metrics for each of your posts. You and your team will be able to constantly monitor the status and have access to all the metrics. More Data=More Transparency=High Satisfaction

Our easy-to-use dashboard will display the content titles to approve. We'll keep you organized so you can quick review. 

Each publisher you choose to approve will have their supporting metrics so you quickly review. 

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to quickly and easily review and approve content. Our writers are ultra responsive to make sure the process is painless. 

We are a model of efficiency when it comes to producing and delivering posts within a reasonable timeline Each of your posts will have a start and live date for your records. 

Content Relevancy

Our Content Bridges the Relevancy Gap between the Publisher's audience and your Target URL

Publisher's Audience

Target URL


This publisher's audience would be interested in design-focused business topics.

The primary link target's perspective on the subject matter creates relevancy.

The topic of the article marries the relevancy between the publisher's audience and the primary link target.

Anchor Text Selection

You select the anchor text style

This anchor text is a variation of the name of the brand you are promoting. For example, "Tesla Motors", "Tesla", and "Tesla Model S" are all examples of branded anchor text that we can use in our blogger outreach.

The anchor text is a ‘naked’ URL (i.e., as it would appear in a browser).

The anchor text contains the keyword phrase we are looking to rank for plus other wording.

The anchor text contains generic phrases like "click here" or "more information" that don't necessarily relate to any brand or offering.

We decide the final anchor text

Ahrefs is a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a huge index of backlinks, keywords, and content.

Ahrefs ( is a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a huge index of backlinks, keywords, and content.

Ahrefs is a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a huge index of backlinks, keywords, and content.

Ahrefs is a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a huge index of backlinks, keywords, and content. Click here for more information.

Justified Brand Mentions


Quoting a Source

We can justify your link by providing an expert quote to the article.


Topic Elaboration

Elaborating on a subject of the article is a great way we can justify your link.


Reference Section

Citing your source in a resource list is another natural way for an effective link. 


Crediting Images

Using your or your client's image in the blog post can be a justified method for your link. 


Random Keyword

This unnatural method is merely linking to a source without being able to justify a reason and something we avoid.  

Fulfillment Process

  • Title Creation

    Our Creative Team will research and ideate unique topics and titles for your article. 

  • Publisher Selection

    With title and topic in hand, our team will identify the most relevant publisher through our selection process.

  • Content Creation

    Our team will write, edit and curate the content that seamlessly marries the needs of you and the publisher.

  • Client Approvals

    You have the option to approve all titles, content and publishers at your discrection. 

  • Publisher Outreach

    Our outreach team will message and present the content to our pre-selected publisher for approval and posting. 

  • QA & Report

    Your content will go through several QA steps to ensure highest quality. 

Online Management Center

Results Dashboard

Near real-time reports provide you and your team up-to-date data for your orders.

Track the effectiveness of our link building with our simple-to-use dashboard. 

Detailed Completions

We will provide high-level executive reporting as well as order-specific results.

You'll have enough data to put together amazing reports for your clients. 

Submit Orders

You can order, monitor, and report all in one dashboard. Ordering is easy and convenient. 

Our ordering process will save you tons of time so you can focus on your clients. 


You can customize your dashboard settings to notify you of key order statuses. 

We'll proactively notify you during the entire lifecycle of the order. No more wondering if things are getting done!

Products & Pricing

All Orders Include

  • 400-Word Article

  • 6-Month Guarantee

  • 30 Quality Metrics

  • <30-Day Turnaround

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