How to Submit an Order

Open your management center

The name of it should be [YOUR COMPANY] // Multifuse Management

step 1

Fill out the order

Every row is one order.

step 2 - fill out form

Avoid common mistakes

Because this is a Google sheet, it's easy to break. 


Always use row 7 first, and never have missing rows between the first and last order submitted. Don't have any cells filled out below the bottom-most row.


Do not drag a cell down to copy. If there are numbers within the cell, it will start incrementing the numbers. 


If copy and pasting from another spreadsheet, right click and PASTE AS VALUES. This prevents copying over any preset formats, data validation, and formulas.

step 3 - avoid problems

ignore the pricing section if you have a custom agreement

If you have already confirmed a different pricing structure with Multifuse, ignore the pricing totals.


submit order and select "Continue"

This will only need to be done once per email account.

authorize app

Select the email account to associate with this order

choose account

Select "Advanced"

This is a custom app and Google wants to let you know that it's not technically verified for your security. We don't gather any information but the order you filled out.

click advanced

Select "Go to reportingActions (unsafe)"

Again, there's nothing unsafe about this app. It's just Google's security notifications.

click go to app

Select "Allow"

We cannot view any of your spreadsheets or send/view any of your emails. It's just a generic notification from Google since we attach your email account to the order you're submitting to your Management Google Doc.

allow app

Verify order and select "OK"

confirm submission

when order has been submitted, it clears out your order form for your next use

empty ordering form